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DSX Intelligent Controllers are independent processing 2 door packages designed to be cost effective building blocks that allow expansion in a scalable manner. Up to 8 doors can be controlled from 1 enclosure for an efficient space saving package.

Up to 4 1042 Controllers can be installed in the same enclosure to form a DSX-1048Pkg. These Commercial and Industrial rated controllers are strategically placed throughout the customer’s location connected together with a two twisted pair cable. This keeps wiring from the door to the panel short and keeps the panels in convenient and secure areas. There are several different controllers to choose from depending on the requirements of the job. The DSX-1042 is a Two Door Controller. The DSX-1043 is a 16 Relay Output Controller and the DSX-1044 is a 32 Input Controller. Up to 4 Controllers can be installed in the same enclosure.

Each Controller operates as a fully intelligent and independent control panel that retains all data necessary for system operation in it’s own RAM. With it’s integral real-time Clock and Calendar it performs Time Zone control with Holiday overrides for inputs, outputs, and cards even when communication to the PC or other controllers is not available. The DSX-1022 Intelligent Controller is ideal where only two readers are required. This can be an elevator control room or parking garage gate controller. All of the functionality is the same for the controllers but the form factor is different to accommodate different applications.


WinDSX is a powerful access control and system monitoring application that harnesses the power of the Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems. WinDSX combines point monitoring and access control with Photo ID Badging, Time and Attendance, Alarm Graphics, DVR/NVR Integration, Elevator Control, Alarm Email/Text Message Notification, Threat Level Management, HazMat and Emergency Lockdown, and FIPS/TWIC card compatibility.

WinDSX can support your access control needs from a single PC or multi-user Local Area Network to an enterprise solution with SQL Server as the database engine. The system utilizes TCP/IP network communications to provide user interaction and real time monitoring to the workstation PC’s located anywhere on the LAN or WAN. Password protection allows for operator specific capabilities at each workstation.


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