EntryPass MiNi single door controller with integrated keypad is designed based on the concept of innovative and stylish design that packed with leading features such as diagnostic function, personalise theme, higher security protection with intelligent "Encrypted Lock Control" (ELC), compact size and crystal clear graphical LCD display




  • Consumer friendly

  • Anti-sabotage encrypted door security

  • Ultra compact size

  • Simple installation

  • Crystal white LCD display

  • Graphical menu




Access control unit is fitted with 2 inputs for external readers, with the addition of separate relay control and adjustable times for each relay., memory partitioning and antipassback. The M2000PE has an inbuilt 22 channel 433MHZ receiver which may be set to receiver channels 1 to 4. The unit also offers a transfer facility to allow transfer of programmed data to another M2000PE control unit connected through a RS485 serial line. This unit is ideal for car parking applications.


  • 2000 users

  • 2 inputs for reader + RF input (parallel output)

  • 2 relay outputs 5A, activated with readers or remote controls 433.920 MHz

  • 433.920 MHz receiver integrated for radio transmitter

  • integrated keypad for programming

  • users memory management with GTSYSTEMXP WINGTSYSTEM

  • ABS box for internal use on DIN rail

  • REX inputs for both doors

Technical specifications

Power supply

12-24 Vac/dc


min. 30 mA - max. 120 mA


1 Receiver 433.920 MHz, 4 CH
2 inputs Wiegand (default Wiegand 30)

Relay outputs

2 independent

Relay mode

time lag 1 - 180s

Relay contact capacity

5 A


with 4 keys and display

Protection rating

IP 44

Operating temperature

from -20° to +55° C

Dimensions and weight

105 x 90 x 60 mm - 320 g